With pre-season approaching, and our first game of the season against Manchester United just around the corner, the dilemma of who will be our starting striker next season isn’t clear.

Olivier Giroud and Gonzalo Higuain were the two strikers that Maurizio Sarri rotated with last season.

However, with Gonzalo Higuain not signing permanently and returning to Juventus with Maurizio Sarri, it begs the question of who will be the starting striker for the first game of the season in August against Manchester United.

The likes of Alvaro Morata, Michy Batshuayi and Tammy Abraham could be the options to be the challengers for the starting striker role with Olivier Giroud.

Here are the pros and cons of each striker being our starter striker next season in the Premier League.

Olivier Giroud

UEFA Europa Final Chelsea v Arsenal : News Photo


  • Has alot of experience as a Premier League striker
  • Probably the best striker out of the four to be best at linking other players into the match.
  • Got the best out of Hazard last season- maybe could do the same with Pulisic or Hudson-Odoi
  • The safest option out of the four to be our starting striker


  • Has struggled with goals in recent seasons. Had better stats in the Europa League last season compared to the Premier League
  • Doesn’t fit Lampard’s ideal striker profile (versatile, fast and quick movement in behind defences). Giroud is more of a target man striker.
  • Hasn’t been a starting striker for a long time in his career. Usually acts as a back up and impact striker- even in his Arsenal days.

Alvaro Morata

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League : News Photo


  • Has Premier League experience.
  • Fits Lampard’s mould of what type of striker he wants. Lampard has already told the club that he would welcome a Morata return.


  • First spell at Chelsea didn’t work out well at all. Had an awful season in the Premier League.
  • Doesn’t suit the Premier League.
  • Weak mentality after his recent comments he made about Chelsea and his desire to join Atletico Madrid permanently
  • Looks like he won’t even be at Chelsea, with Atletico Madrid in negotiations to try and make his move permanent this summer

Michy Batshuayi

Chelsea v Newcastle United - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round : News Photo


  • Alot of Premier League experience with Chelsea and Crystal Palace
  • Fits the mould of Lampard’s type of striker.
  • Never really got the chance as a first choice striker to prove himself at Chelsea


  • Failed to impress when he had the chances
  • Didn’t do amazingly well at Crystal Palace- does that mean that he just isn’t Chelsea quality?
  • Due to him being second choice when he was at Chelsea- is there something that we don’t know about him, that managers saw on a weekly basis? Does he train hard enough? Does he have the right mentality etc?

Tammy Abraham

Chelsea v Olympique Lyonnais - Pre-Season Friendly : News Photo


  • Has so much potential at such a young age
  • Had a brilliant loan spell at Aston Villa last season- scoring so many goals for the Villans.
  • Fits the mould of Lampard’s type of striker
  • Deserves a chance to prove himself at Chelsea- hasn’t had that yet


  • Obviously very inexperienced at the top level- is he ready to be Chelsea’s starting striker?
  • Previous Premier League loan at Swansea didn’t go the best

My Opionion

I would love to see Tammy Abraham as our starting striker next season. I think this is the best chance now to give him a shot in the first team, with our transfer ban. I do think eventually as the season goes on that he will become our first team striker, but I do think Lampard will start the season with Giroud.

I think Batshuayi will go back out on loan, and Morata will be sold permanently, so I don’t think they are in the question.

Comment down below- who do you want to be our starting striker/1st choice for the first Premier League game of the season, and vote on the poll with your answer to that question in the comments section of this article on twitter.

By Danyal Khan