Frank Lampard has just finished his first press conference as the new Head Coach of Chelsea Football Club.

He spoke of his thanks to Derby County, the pressure on him in this role, on the loss of Eden Hazard and what can the fans, players and the board expect from him this coming season.

Here is the full transcript of Lampard had to say to the media…


Lampard gives thanks to Derby County, adding that It wasn’t an easy decision to join Chelsea straight away because he loved his time at Derby County –

Not seconds and minutes, it is important to acknowledge I had a fantastic opportunity last year at Derby.”

On the expectations and pressure that will come with the job –

“When you come to a club like Chelsea you have expectations, standards and that’s year-in-year-out. I understand what’s wanted from me at this club and I will try to deliver.”

On his connection with the fans –

“It was incredible and emotional and I really, really appreciated it. I am here and I don’t want to dwell on emotions too much but every player and manager has an emotion when the fans sing.”

On his ‘lack of experience’ in a coaching capacity –

“I would say that I thought about it a lot. I know it is an obvious question and I understand it. One year in management and you get a chance at Chelsea and it doesn’t happen very often.”

Lampard admits that it is up to him to prove himself in terms of the ‘lack of experience’ –

“In my playing career I played under a lot of fantastic managers, I think that will stand me in good stead. I had a fantastic year at Derby where I learned a lot.”

On the expectations that await him in his role at Chelsea –

“There are variables – the transfer ban & that Man City/Liverpool have pulled away. We should never stop trying to be there at Chelsea, we are working to try to be there but I am not going to make promises.”

On being able to ‘replace’ the loss of Eden Hazard –

“We lost a great player of course but you look at what you do have. We have good players, at a good age, who have the talent. Not to fill Hazard’s boots, but who can be huge players for this club.”

On asking for time from the club –

“I haven’t. The word realist and realistic keep coming up. The last thing I would do is ask for favours coming into Chelsea.”

Frank also adds that it is his intent to develop young players whilst he is at the club.

Petr Čech, Marina Granovskaia and Bruce Buck are in attendance for today’s press conference (Photo – Evening Standard)

On what to expect from Chelsea next season –

“It’s a difficult question. Chelsea has to start with an intention to win. If I sat here & didn’t say that then I shouldn’t be here. That’s how it should be. We want to play UCL football again next year & that’s something that should drive us.”

(Lampard mentions that Chelsea haven’t asked for a Champions League finish specifically. But that’s “where Chelsea should be.”)

Lampard being confident with the strength of the squad and is not worried about the transfer ban –

There’s huge talent there. We still have a strong squad.”

On the ‘bounce’ (which should stay at Derby in my opinion…) –

“In terms of the bounce, that was something that was very Derby. I can’t say I didn’t buy into it because I was bouncing along. Chelsea is something different.”

On whether this appointment is his biggest challenge –

“Yes, I would. My playing career is done. I always love a challenge. Coming here was a challenge as people were questioning on the radio whether I could come here and play for £11m [from West Ham in 2001].”

On his legacy –

“I am not, I don’t want to sound naive because I understand fans want success. My playing year is gone so that’s what I want to deliver. If I wanted to go away & say I had a fantastic career then I could have done that. I am ambitious.”

On the ‘position’ of N’Golo Kanté –

“Yes, I do [know where he will play] – laughs – thankfully. I am not going to sit here and say how we will look next season.”

Lampard on his backroom staff –

“Jody Morris is coming with me as assistant head coach. We have a close relationship from our playing days and a friendship” He says his link with the academy is a big strength.”

Lampard on his backroom staff (cont.) –

“Chris Jones similarly was at Derby will be with me. Joe Edwards will move up from working with the U23s. Eddie Newton will be working with us in the first team staff.”

Lampard on Chelsea not becoming an ‘old boys club’ –

“Didier (Drogba), Petr (Cech), Makelele… What I want to do is bring in people not just because they played for the club but because they feel the club & want to be here with incredible work ethic.”

Lampard on working with the club’s successful academy –

“Our eyes will be on that side of the building and if you can prove you are ready to come across and bridge that gap then you will get that chance.”

On his talks with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge that went on until late last night –

“I had to talk about my vision, those talks had been ongoing for this week. When it was official this morning, it felt good.

On Mason Mount & Fikayo Tomori –

“They were great for me last year, they were pivotal for me last year. They come back with a clean slate like every player, young on loan or whatever to prove themselves in pre-season.”

Lampard admits that he will give chances to EVERYONE during pre-season and decide on the futures of the youngsters going forward –

“We have a big squad so not everyone will be able to stay.”

Lampard on whether he will contact managers and get advice from the likes of Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, etc –

“I haven’t spoken to any of them and as it stands I don’t plan to call them.”

And that concludes the press conference.

Welcome home Frank. Good luck to you this season.

Terry Sazio

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