Frank Lampard has announced his squad travelling to Dublin for pre-season, including many youngsters, and one of them is Billy Gilmour. Some of you may have heard of the Scottish player, some of you may not, but before it’s too late, I’d highly recommend jumping on the Billy Gilmour Propaganda bandwagon, as we could be witnessing a player whose potential is WORLD CLASS.

Billy is a midfielder, and can play anywhere across the centre of the park, but is probably best as a box-to-box midfielder. Although Gilmour has not been in the academy since the beginning, he was bought from Rangers after impressing massively. At the young age of eighteen years old, he has trained with the Rangers first team, and last season played under Joe Edwards for the development team, as well as regularly featuring for the Scotland U-21 side.

Source: SNS

His qualities remind me of Mason Mount, another talented player who is set to sign a contract this year.

One of the main abilities he has is his passing ability and range. Gilmour said himself that he ‘looks up to Cesc Fabregas’, and that is clearly shown when Billy has the ball. The midfielder is able to play a pass wherever he wants, whether that is in the air or on the ground, with perfect execution.

If any of you have seen highlights of Gilmour, it is clearly visible that he has an absolute rocket of a shot, and is extremely clinical around the edge of the box. If a corner is cleared half-heartedly by the opponent, one can expect in three seconds later for the ball to be in the back of the net, most likely from Billy Gilmour.

Despite not being particularly large in size, he is not afraid of a tackle and in fact defends quite well. His defending style is decently similar to Jorginho’s, where he backs off due to not being the quickest, and waits for the opponent to make a small mistake and pounce on the ball.

On the ball, his lack of speed isn’t visible. Even though I am making it sound like he is extremely slow, he isn’t the fastest and if it wasn’t due to his intelligence on the pitch and understanding of the game, he possibly would have struggled at the top level. However, on the ball, he uses his body extremely well to protect the ball from the opponent and shield’s it, making it very hard for the opponent to get the ball without conceding a foul.

Billy is very composed, and this is shown when he is able to play with his back to goal if he needs to and rarely loses the ball. Gilmour also has a top mentality when playing on the pitch, and I’m sure he has that same mentality off the field too, as if you analyse him each game improvements can be seen.

If I had to compare him to players playing now, in my opinion his game is a mix of Mason Mount and Cesc Fabregas.

This season, hopefully he can get a few minutes here and there. If not, if he could get a Championship loan he should bite at the opportunity, but for me personally it is best for him to stay at Chelsea for one more year, get as much advice as he can from some of the world’s top youth coaches in Frank Lampard, Jody Morris, Joe Edwards and Eddie Newton, and show in pre-season and training his massive talent.

Like I said before, jump on the bandwagon now, otherwise it may get too late, because right in front of you we have one special player.

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