Frank Lampard returning to Chelsea Football Club has been an absolute dream. A player that has been so intigral to the club’s success has returned to sit in the Manager hotseat. Some have predicted this move was made as a crowd pleaser to repair some of the damage Maurizio Sarri left with the fans. Others have seen this as a new era for Chelsea and hopefully an end to the hire and fire philosophy Chelsea have adopted in the past decade or so.


One of the biggest questions of Lampard’s arrival have been which formation he should stick to. Personally, i think he should continue with the 4-3-3 that the squad is used to from the previous season. My reason for feeling this way originates from the squad progress i saw under Sarri. This team is now comfortable being pressed and has the ability to play from the back. Continuing on from Sarri’s basics, Lampard can tweak them to fit the tactics he wants to play. More generally, starting with a 4-3-3 provides Lampard with a complete idea of what each player is capable of. It is a great way to learn what his players can do best as they have the most freedom of expression overall in this formation. 4-3-3 also allows Lampard to change tactics within game however he likes. Many players would not have to change their roles, instead only alter their duties.

lineup (1) (Above Lineup is only for display purposes)

As many of you noticed, i moved Kante back to his CDM Position. I think this will be a probability mainly because Lampard will not follow the instructions Sarri gives to his CDM. Although Kante has done amazing last season, it is expected for him to revert back to his original position. This would be because the CDM would have more defensive duties under Lampard, hence making Jorginho unsuitable for the position. Despite Jorginho achieving a phenomenal amount of success when winning the ball last season, his vision will be more needed up front. I expect Lampard to still rely on Jorginho to orchestrate the midfield dynamic, at least for the initial half of the season. Barkley will probably start the season but he will have a lot of competition to face through the likes of Mount, Ruben and Kovacic. Similarly, Jorginho may also be subbed off regularly as a result.


The fullbacks will be another area Lampard will look to improve. Alonso can be a source of goals in desperate need and the talent Reece James brings in will surely trouble Azpi’s comfortable RB spot. I also expect Giroud to slowly be phased out, however Lampard will opt to pick him over Batshuyi and Abraham in the first few games. This would mainly be to look dangerous at crosses and maintain the chemistry Sarri built into this squad.


Whichever the case, Lampard will have one huge advantage; squad competition. There is so much packed talent in the youth players coming in that the senior players must fear the worst. The youngsters may not be there in terms of skills but their hunger will not disappoint. Having such a variety will also inhibit Lampard to experiment with tactics and formations. However, at the start, i expect him to keep things simple and not try too much.




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