A personal thanks and looking forward to the future

Hello everyone.

For those who are not aware, as of this morning, I became the new owner and Chief Editor of The Chelsea Echo.

I would like to personally thank Simon Phillips (still ‘boss’ to me) for creating The Chelsea Echo in the first place. Without the Echo, I wouldn’t be writing this and most probably still just be ‘another guy’ on social media. I want to wish him nothing but success in his new venture over at TalkChelsea.

I would also like to personally thank Simon for giving me an amazing opportunity. In December of last year, Simon gave me the opportunity to do the thing that I’ve wanted to do pretty much my entire life…

Write about football. (It being about Chelsea too is the perfect bonus)

Because of this opportunity, I’ve had the chance to write about something I love dearly to thousands of people – not just Chelsea fans, but fans of football too – around the world on a daily basis. Something that is definitely not forgotten by me every time I go from creating a draft copy of an article or a report to the moment it’s published and being read by the Chelsea community.

I want to thank my fellow Chelsea Echo writers/contributors for the support they have shown towards me over this past weekend, having the belief and confidence in me to help the Echo to grow.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to those that follow the Echo and also to those who follow me personally on social media. The support, positivity and belief to help push the Echo to bigger and better things has been incredible. Words cannot describe how grateful I am.

Looking to the future – as the title suggests – the Echo is under new ownership but will continue to be the amazing platform that it already is in my eyes.

Along with continuing what the Echo is known for – balanced opinions, passionate writing and the positive expression of how much Chelsea Football Club means to us all… There will also a lot of ‘new’ coming to the Echo in the forseeable future.

New writers.
New contributors.
(A) New look.
New ideas.
New features.
New forms of content.

A lot of new, that will surely allow the Echo to become an even greater platform.

The Chelsea Echo is already recognised (& interacts with) by some of the biggest media platforms in the game such as Premier League & talkSPORT, certain sponsors as well as many people who are connected to Chelsea themselves. This is something I hope that the Echo can continue to grow and most importantly, be acknowledged and respected by going forward.

I vow that the Echo will continue (& become greater) at giving you, a supporter of Chelsea, nothing but the best on all things Chelsea. For every single supporter – domestically, internationally… EVERY single supporter.

No division, no toxicity, no agenda. Only Chelsea. (Well… along with a bit of Billy Gilmour propaganda – #Goatmour, original hashtag from yours truly in case anyone asks…)

This might be my Echo, but the Echo belongs to everyone.

Hope you enjoy the future of Echo, wherever you may be

Terry Sazio (ForeverBlue⁸⁴)