Chelsea suffered their first loss under Frank Lampard, with a narrow victory for Kawasaki Frontale, after scoring the only goal of the game in the 88th minute. 


8 – Made some great saves in the latter stages of the game, and stopped the scoreline from being a lot worse. Could have been better with distribution.


7 – Considering his lack of pace and ability at the fullback position, he defended and attacked decently. He put in a great cross which wasn’t attacked, but did nothing else special.


6 – Had a few shaky moments, and got caught in two minds quite often, whether to attack forward or sit back. Passing out of the back wasn’t great either.


7 – Despite being at fault for the goal, he defended well throughout the whole game and his passing was great. Played full 90 minutes.


6 – Again, like Alonso, his lack of pace didn’t help in this type of game however he managed to get in good positions for crosses but didn’t execute them well enough.


6 – He lost the ball a couple times when attempting to make passes, but improved as the game went on. Made one brilliant run driving toward, which should’ve ended up in a goal.


7 – Like last year, was composed on the ball and not too bad defensively. Not his best game, neither his worst. Was pressing a lot higher than he was last year.


7 – First ten minutes were probably his worst in his career, however he grew very quickly into the game. Ran well in behind the defenders and looked strong defensively. Should’ve scored.


6 – Nothing special, again. Not much too say on Pedro’s performance, could’ve been better and could’ve been worse.


7.5 – Probably our brightest player in the first half. Good linkup play with Michy, and was unlucky not to score. Very tired when playing on the LW in the second half.


6 – Got into some decent positions, however his service today wasn’t great and neither were his runs into the box. Should’ve taken more shots than he did.



6 – Nothing great. Ran down the wing with the ball a couple times, but took shots when he probably should’ve passed it.


6 – Nothing outstanding, either. Had a few misplaced passes here and there but other than that, was good defensively.


6 – His pace certainly did help when trying to attack, but he didn’t really threaten the opponents.


6 – Meh.


5 – He gave the ball away a couple times and was too slow on the ball. Made a couple good tackles though.


8.5 – His thirty five minute cameo was very good. Was strong on the ball, used his body well, and played a brilliant disguise pass to Kenedy which should’ve ended up as an assist.


6 – Again, nothing special. Couldn’t create much and lost the ball when on the attack. Shame.


6.5 – At the beginning, he was trying to much to impress but he eventually put in a great cross and probably should’ve got a penalty. Good start on his debut.


6 – We know him for his holdup play and strength, and that showed today. However, was at fault with Luiz for goal.

Those are the player ratings for today’s narrow loss to Kawasaki Frontale. Do you agree with them?

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Written by Paree.