Premier League is only three weeks away and most teams are playing preseason games and getting themselves ready for yet another exciting season. Chelsea aren’t an exception as we have been to Ireland and Japan already in our preseason tour. While the results aren’t what you would expect from a team like Chelsea, we gotta remember Frank Lampard has only recently joined as the manager of the blues and would need time to find his best eleven and formation.

Whatever it is, this upcoming season has already generated a huge amount of interest among the fans and of course, as expected, there is a division among fans about various things including the possible squad for the 2019-20 season, the formation, the youth integration and what not.

I recently came across an interesting opinion on Twitter in which someone said Callum Hudson-Odoi, the 18-year-old Chelsea winger, is already miles ahead of Christian Pulisic, the 20-year-old newcomer from Borussia Dortmund. This definitely got my attention.

So I went ahead and compared them both using‘ comparison tool. To make things fair with respect to age, I took the stats of both players when they were 18. For Callum Hudson-Odoi (CHO as fans call him), it was last season while for Pulisic it was 2016-17 season.


While stats don’t tell you the whole story, looking at them, I realize it is unfair to compare them both as they had very different paths coming to Chelsea’s first team. Pulisic, who had an European passport thanks to his Croatian grandfather, moved to Germany when he was 16 and has since then developed into a decent winger over the period of last four years. He has in fact scored a few memorable goals already and has captained his national team as well which is a huge honor for the 20-year-old. With all the first team opportunities he had when he was 18, Pulisic performed really well.

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Callum Hudson-Odoi has been with Chelsea for a while and has won so many youth trophies with the team already. When he made his much-expected debut under Sarri, it was quite a sight to see. The 18-year-old lightened up the field whenever he had the ball and had a decent season as well with some memorable performances in Europa League until his Achilles heel got ruptured. Whether he can perform at the same level in the Premier League remains to be seen, nonetheless, he is better than most youth players in the England national team setup.

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Both Pulisic and CHO have played on the left and right hand sides and yet they both prefer the left wing position for obvious reasons. Under Lampard, we still don’t know who is going to play where as the blues legend-turned-manager is still tinkering with formations. One thing is certain though. With CHO out for the next few months, Pulisic is set to start on the left for now.

Comparing Pulisic and CHO both creates unnecessary tension and division among the fans which is the last thing Chelsea needs as CHO is yet to sign a new contract if the reports are to believed. In addition, this will just put more pressure on both these exciting talents which isn’t a great idea.

With Hazard gone, Pedro and Willian on the wrong side of 30 and a transfer ban, Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic are the only two young wingers we have. In my opinion, comparing them with each other won’t do good for all parties involved as Chelsea desperately need both of their services as soon as possible. So my request for fellow Chelsea fans is to stop this before it gets out of hand.

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