All quotes are from the Sky Sports website, where Jorginho did an exclusive interview with them. 

Jorginho’s response to staying at Chelsea under Frank Lampard:

“It has been a new experience for me. I am liking it as I am learning, which I like to do. I am happy I got this opportunity; I like to learn and find out more. It’s going to be beneficial to my career and the club and the team. I have an open mind to learning new experiences.”

Jorginho’s response to being asked if he was ‘sad’ to see Maurizio Sarri leave the club:

“No, I wouldn’t say I was sad. He was my coach and we had worked together for four years but the time had come to go separate ways and I am very thankful to him for giving me the opportunity and everything I learnt from him, but now it is a new page and I have a new coach and I have to work hard and learn a lot. We have to look ahead.”

Jorginho talking about Lampard as a player and as a manager:

“His career speaks for itself. Everyone can see what Lampard did as a player, not just for this club but for football in general. I watched him when I was growing up and it’s great to have him here now as a coach. I believe he still has a lot to give to this club as a coach, as he did as a player.

“Of course, we talk about positions and ask questions like all other players, if they have any doubts they ask the coach and I ask about positions and various other aspects of the game which are important to know.

“I need to understand what he wants from me. So, I also ask to develop my game. The more questions I ask takes any doubt away and we can play the way he wants to play. Then we can give to the team just how he wants us to deliver.”

Despite some fans showing their willingness to see Jorginho as captain on Twitter, Jorginho spoke about his leadership and how he has to communicate as part of his role:

“Everyone in the team has to help each other. I think everyone in the team has leadership skills and can be leaders and we need to help each other.

“I have my way of doing things, because I am that way, I try to raise my voice to motivate team-mates and make them aware that if they lose a ball it is not a problem, so I try to motivate my team-mates and to speak to them and, because I see the game from the back I see everything in front of me; communication on the field can help a lot.

“That split second when you give a shout you know it will be beneficial for the team and this helps to motivate the team.”

Jorginho still thinks that despite Hazard leaving and being under a transfer ban, Chelsea can still have a successful season:

“Of course we believe we can always improve because the moment that you think you cannot improve anymore you go backwards. We have to open our minds and believe we can be better and be on the rise.

“Certainly, I will do what I have always done and give my maximum performance. Fans can expect the same from me – hard work and a lot of work on the pitch to try to bring trophies and silverware that this club deserves.”

So far in what we have seen in pre-season, Jorginho is pressing a lot higher and there seems to be a possibility that he could get more goals and assists:

“I believe so, I haven’t got many goals and assists. Some people have said I haven’t got any assists – maybe they haven’t watched the games properly because I could find passes there. Hopefully I will have more luck this season and I can add a few more assists and goals too, but the most important thing is the team wins. It is more important for the team to win than the number of my assists.”

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Written by Paree