Reports have been flying out over the last couple hours that David Luiz is close to joining Arsenal and that discussions have been going on for the last week. Some people are calling him a snake, some not, but here I am giving my honest opinion.

First of all, something which I want to get out of my mind is that Luiz is not a ‘snake’ in my opinion. Do you really think that someone of Luiz’s quality would take not being a first team regular?

All he wants is first team football. Of course he would want Arsenal. Yes it may spoil the relationship with the fans, but he’s got to take care of his own personal career at the moment and try and end it off as being remembered as one of the better defenders in this era.

When reports came out today that he was told he was fourth choice Centre-Back, my intial reaction was that it makes complete sense that David Luiz does want to go to Arsenal.

He gets to stay in London, stay in England, still compete in Europe, and also he had a good relationship with Unai Emery when they were both at Paris Saint-Germain.

Yes he did sign a two year deal only a month or two ago, but we have to remember that he signed the contract thinking that Maurizio Sarri would still be our manager and that he would definetely be part of the plans going forward.

And in fact, some could actually see some positives from this deal. This opens up space for Tomori who is now very likely to stay at the club, another youngster who was going to go on loan but could be part of Lampard’s plans now, especially as he is very much liked from the management staff due to playing for Lampard and Morris last year at Derby County.

Furthermore, although Luiz is actually going to a direct rival, he most likely will not be there for any longer than 2-3 years at the age of 32, and in fact it gives us more of an opportunity to get a World Class defender next season.

Lampard said at the beginning of pre-season that he would play players on merit, and if Luiz is to be 4th choice Centre-Back then we have to trust Lampard’s decision.

There would be no point in keeping David Luiz at the club if he’s unhappy, as he wouldn’t get any game time and he also could be a bad influence at the club. However, the latest reports have suggested that Chelsea are willing to sell him for £8 million, which is arguably way too less of a fee for someone who just signed a contract extension a month ago.

Luiz will be remembered as a great servant to the club, but unfortunately his ‘legend’ status may have been damaged due to his moves to France and Arsenal. His leadership, passion for the younger players and the club will be missed, however there will always be that mistake in Luiz’s game which won’t be missed.

Thank you Luiz and Goodbye.


Written by Paree