Here is the full transcript of Lampard had to say to the media…


On his first competitive match as boss –

“Yes, I have been excited from the first moment the job was confirmed. To be back here is a huge thing for me, but I want to make a success of it.”

On his inexperience as a boss –

“I am not fearful of age or experience in other teams. I will give it my all.”

On coming back to Old Trafford –

“I always enjoyed playing at Old Trafford, incredible stadium with incredible history. We are at similar stages with the way people talk about Ole.”

On selling David Luiz to Arsenal for £8m –

“We had some honest conversations over the last week and the conclusion of that was he is gone. It is an area of the pitch where we have competition. I don’t have number ones or twos. They have to fight for that shirt.”

Lampard on David Luiz leaving –

“I wish him the best, because he has been a big part of our history.”

(Lampard also mentions that there were no fallouts or bust-ups)

Lampard on David Luiz missing training –

“The day David didn’t train was a decision that I made because it was clear the way we were going.”

Lampard on potential further sales –

“I am very happy with the squad I have got now and my focus is working on that. We will see what comes up with the European window.”

Lampard on ‘targets’ for the season –

“If I was a Chelsea manager who says I would settle for sixth place, fourth place or even second place then that wouldn’t be right.”

Lampard on the Man Utd game on Sunday –

“It is a big game for us both. The similarities that we touch on is that we are two huge clubs, since I was playing certainly.”

Lampard on Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham –

“Yes, I don’t know what their ambitions are but I know the talent they have. I love working with them, training them and I love them as lads.”

“I include Tomori, James and Pulisic in that as well.”

Lampard on Chelsea not being fancied to finish in the top 4 –

“I love listening to the radio and hearing predictions that we are not in the top four. That means there’s a challenge, there’s nothing better in life and football than proving people wrong.”

Lampard on criticism –

“When you manage a club of the stature of Man United or Chelsea, then it can happen. Sometimes it can be excessive and you have to have thick skin to get through that.”

Lampard on managers being ‘typecasted’ –

“There’s the dinosaur managers, that people keep writing off. Youth is an easy thing to write people off. When you have the job, the only thing that matter is what you do. I don’t listen too much.”

Lampard on giving his first team-talk on Sunday –

“The message will be around passion, giving everything, fight for everything as a team. Those are the basics, you can’t go to Old Trafford as a team and get something.”

Lampard on the latest injury news –

“We have Kante fit, is he match fit? That’s a question to decide right up to the end. Everyone else is fit. Willian, is fit, but again maybe too soon. Rudiger is the same.”

(Lampard also mentions CHO, RLC and James)

Lampard on the pride he has leading Chelsea into the future as their Head Coach –

“Ever since I move across town it became my club instantly. Everyone knows how I feel about Chelsea. It is an amazing thing for me. I am past the surreal feeling, I am in the job.”

And that concludes the press conference.

Good luck to you and the team for Sunday, Frank.

Terry Sazio

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