By Emma Hartley 

Hello guys, it’s Emma Hartley here and I am back writing for The Chelsea Echo. I had a little break over the summer as I was out in France covering the Women’s World Cup and I am currently on work experience at the BBC but I’m now back and ready and raring to go for the new season.

The Premier League is back this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited to see ‘Frank Lampard’s Chelsea’ back in action. I’m sure this season will be an emotional roller coaster but I can’t wait for it.

Let’s start off by talking about our new manager. As a Chelsea fan myself I have seen the fan base really start to come together over these last couple of months leading up to the new season with the appointment of Super Frank. Last season the fan base become quite corrupt and there was a lot of sourness around due to the results and Sarri being in charge this was particularly clear on Twitter. There became a 50-50 split between the fan base. Some fans wanted Sarri to stay and then on the other hand some fans wanted him to leave. The debate quickly come to an end though when Sarri left to Juventus and the minute Super Frank come home nobody was complaining as he is a legend and he means the world to our club.

Everyone is really excited for the new season now Lampard is in charge and everyone seems to be in very high spirts. Lampard has picked the spirit of the team back up because let’s be honest there are and have been a few issues there to get us down Eden Hazard one of our best players left and we are unable to make any new signings due to the FA ban however Lamps has seemed to make everything feel kind of ok again. Also, to join Frank we’ve got some amazing back room staff with Jody Morris and Petr Cech there alongside others so things seem and feel good.

(Photo – Chelsea FC)

We also had a good pre-season and Frank tried out different formations and different players and we got some fairly decent results just before the season starts so things are looking positive. Also he played a lot of youth players which is really important especially when we have the ban in place so I hope this is just the start of seeing the youth play which I’m sure it will be as they are the future of our club.

Now let’s quickly talk about David Luiz. I’m not going to go into too much depth about this because it’s a new season and it’s all about moving forward but it was announced yesterday that the Brazilian moved to London rivals Arsenal. In my opinion this transfer doesn’t sit great and I know a lot of fans are not very happy about it. Some fans are so angry to the extent that apparently they have gone onto Trip Advisor and rated his restaurant badly. Luiz signed a contract for us Blues in May until 2021.

I think what upsets Chelsea fans the most is the fact that he said that his heart was in the club when he signed that and yet he leaves a few months later which has really misled everyone. Also, the timing of it is really bad especially when our season starts on Sunday. Also, not only have us fans being misled it feels like some of the players around him have been misled as well especially the youth. For example Mason Mount seemed to have a good connection with the Brazilian as well as many other players. I think this is something we just need to let go of now. I am thankful for what he did for our club, he is a great player but it’s a new season and a new start and we can’t have any disruption or upset at the club it’s all about focusing on our game against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday that’s what matters and is important.

Now let’s talk about Sunday. It is finally back and I’m so excited but so nervous you don’t get a bigger game to kick start the PL season than Manchester United away on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of August. Everything is to play for and I can’t wait to see what happens. It is a huge fixture and there is always a lot of pressure in a game like this and even more so this weekend because it is the first game of this season. We really have to fight and get our season off to a flying start whether that is a draw or a win we can’t take anything less than that. We really need to boost our confidence and do it right, a loss would be very hard hitting and we can’t let that happen. The meeting between the two sides is always close but we need to try and make a difference. I believe we are the underdogs going into this game. Manchester United have made some good signings in this summer transfer window so it’s going to be a challenge but I feel we are ready for it.

I will be at the game on Sunday and I will be vlogging for the Chelsea Echo YouTube channel and my very own YouTube channel Emma CFC TV so make sure to stay tuned for them.

I am so happy to be back guys and I can’t wait to keep writing for you all this season. I am going to have my very own segment this season where I will do player ratings for every single game that I can so make sure to look out for them.

Thank you all once again and it’s great to be back. If you are going to the game on Sunday make sure to come and say hello if you see me and everyone is welcome on the vlog. See you all there and I look forward to seeing you all over on The Chelsea Echo YouTube channel with the match day vlog from United away which I’m sure will certainly be a dramatic one.