A contribution piece from Mark Stevens

At a time where we should all be proud of our team and more united than ever after seeing how Chelsea has faced, without fear, arguably the best Liverpool team in history, it is shameful to see the abuse and treatment that Tammy Abraham has received through social media for simply missing a penalty.

There is nothing wrong with making constructive criticism, but what we have seen on Twitter since Wednesday night is total abuse and is disgusting and totally embarrassing.

I am glad that the authorities are acting against the individuals who have participated in racist comments against our player and that Twitter is collaborating in closing those accounts, but personally, I do not think it is enough.

When this type of bullying is done, football loses its meaning and I do not want to sound dramatic but if you take me as such it is because you have not been able to read the barbarities that I have been able to see.

Long story short, Tammy Abraham is a young boy, he comes from our academy and this season he will finally be given the opportunity he deserves. He has only been able to play two games for us and these so-called “fans” are already killing him for a penalty shootout that is nothing else but a lottery!

Get behind him & give him the support he needs.

To make it clear regarding Tammy Abraham’s recent criticism, it’s not about being happy or angry with him, it’s not about whether he took the penalty well or not, it’s not about being a good fan or not… it’s about being a good person or not!

Players usually have their ‘DM’s’ deactivated on social media, but @tammyabraham does not. Take advantage while you can to offer all possible support.

Make it clear that you are a true blue and back our players, all of them.