Encouraging words by the Chelsea Head Coach on our intelligent Italian

Ever since he arrived last summer from Napoli, Jorginho has been the focal point of a heated debate among Chelsea fans. Most of the fans loved what they saw in the Brazil-born Italian in the blue shirt, but there were few who wasn’t so fond of him, because apparently he was occupying N’golo Kante’s ‘best position’ thereby ‘limiting’ the Frenchman’s role in the Chelsea team under Maurizio Sarri. The media and the so-called ‘pundits’ on TV and Twitter followed suit and slated him for reasons that were beyond my understanding.

‘Fans’ who didn’t like him abused him on his Instagram page and spammed all over social media which was disheartening to see as I knew he was a quality player. This shouldn’t happen to any player, let alone to the likes of Jorginho and Tammy who actually want to play for the team. Things didn’t stop there. Jorginho was identified as Sarri’s son which sounds like a compliment but was intended as more of an insult to both Sarri and Jorginho.

Anyway, last season was over. We won a European trophy and Sarri left to Juventus. Again, some ‘fans’ wanted Jorginho to leave too, but I am very glad he didn’t. Turns out, I was right. We were right. By we, I mean the people who supported the guy right from day 1.

It appears Frank knows what a world-class player Jorginho is.

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The Blues coach reportedly said,

“I thought Jorginho was fantastic the other night. He was constantly talking to people around him and constantly talking to the backline to drag them up and playing with quality.”

“The players are the ones who drive that when they get out there. He is a fantastic player. I saw that on the first day of training in Dublin. Talking about his attitude, he is a driver of the group and he has real quality. I am fortunate in midfield at the moment.”

“It gives us problems in terms of competition between Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, Barkley, Mount, Ruben is coming back and others. But Jorginho has really shown himself to be a top-quality player to me already. I am pleased to see his comments. He should be seen as Chelsea’s Jorginho.” 

“As a player, you know that you go and work for the club. He has a real passion for football and performance. I love that.”

Talk about making an impression on your new boss. Frank Lampard loves Jorginho and don’t we all love to see that?

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