A new series for The Chelsea Echo by myself Paree. This series will be multiple articles, featuring my opinion on as many Chelsea players as possible, whether they are in the first team, academy or on loan.

What a player to start off with. Mason Mount, #19. If any of you have been following me on social media over the last 12 months, you will know how much I supported and loved Mount as a player, and in fact we got the brilliant opportunity to interview his father around 6 months ago, while Mason was still at Derby.

‘He mentally believes that given the opportunity he will take it.’ For me, that was the best quote of the whole interview. Mount’s mentality is right at the very top. I’ve written about this before, but this is what the youth provides. These younger players from the academy have dreamt their whole life of playing for Chelsea, and out of every player in the world they will most likely take their opportunity.

So, all Mason needed, was to be given the opportunity. And what a start to the season for him.

Just like every youth player for Chelsea, Mason is one of many who has received unnecessary hate and a lot of doubt over the last few years from Chelsea fans about whether he was good enough or not. Some people called him not good enough for having a weak pass accuracy, or for taking the ‘easier’ loan in the Championship last year rather than the Bundesliga. (Oh, and by the way, he’s at 83% pass accuracy in the Premier League.)

But are you really telling me right now that he didn’t make the right decisions? At the age of 18, he flew out to Netherlands where he played professional football at a high level in the Eredevise with Vitesse, as well as playing European football, and then he came back to English football at Derby County while learning under the best midfielder the Premier League has ever seen and one of the best youth coaches in the world in Jody Morris.

Now, he has started all three Premier League games under Frank Lampard, scored two goals and has become a fan favourite.

Mount’s quality has always been his versatility in the midfield, and the fact that he will get the team goals and assists. So far this season, we have seen Mount play on the left-wing, in the middle at the number #10, or even sometimes on the right. However, no matter where he is put, he always will put a shift due to his technical ability on the ball and his pressing ability, even if he’s playing out of his best position. This is where I see the difference between Mount and Barkley, one can play in almost every position in the midfield and still put a shift, whereas Barkley is very limited and can only really play his best in the #10 role. (Something which he didn’t even do yesterday against Norwich.)

Mount has been compared to Frank Lampard, and fair enough, they both have an incredible eye for the goal when on the pitch. If you look at both of Mason’s goals so far this season, if any other of our midfielders are in that position, the ball would not be in the back of the net. Mason is clinical, not afraid to take a shot, and a goal scoring midfielder is something which we have missed over the last 5-6 years. The balance in the midfield could really work out for the next few months, with Mason providing the goals, Kante providing the balance and Jorginho providing the buildup.


The midfielder has always worked throughout his whole life extremely hard, and he really wanted this work to pay off, by playing for a big club. The Chelsea Echo have understood over the last month or two that Mount rejected an enquiry from Bournemouth and three other clubs. It must be very easy for a manager to like Mount. He’s hard working, and is always wanting to learn from the best in training. In games, he’s constantly pressing and being a nuisance to the opposition team.

However, despite all this, one thing I ask for is for a couple Chelsea fans to slow down. As much as I love Mason, he isn’t World Class and he hasn’t been putting World Class performances. So as much as Mount thrives under the pressure, it would be unnecessary to compare him to the likes of Lampard as of now and there would also be no need to slander him if he was to have a game. Remember – he is only 20 YEARS OLD. We could have another 10 years of absolute brilliance in the midfield if we played this properly.

He’s still got to learn, just like any other player at the age of 20. This season, despite having some great performances, there are times in the match when he drifts off a bit, and he needs to work on trying to be involved in the match for 90 minutes of the game. There also isn’t much competition with him at the moment due to Barkley underperforming, however when Loftus-Cheek comes back we can expect the level of performance to increase even more from both. Competition of great players is something which world class clubs have, and that needs to be our next step as Chelsea Football Club.

That’s it really. Mason Mount. Not much else needs to be said, other than the fact that we have a player with world class potential and already immense ability. Just watch him, and you’d understand. 

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