Mateo Kovacic was officially the only player we signed this season due to the transfer ban and the fact we already had him on loan from Real Madrid last season. While Kovacic had his share of criticism by pundits and a few fans when he was on loan, the Croatian midfielder is starting to get better and better under new coach Frank Lampard. And he seems to think the same too.

Talking to Goal, Kovacic said a few things.

On how he’s feeling after signing permanently for Chelsea:

“I am a Chelsea player now so I feel better about that. Last year was only a loan. I feel better and more confident than last year. It makes me feel more relaxed as last year was difficult and I needed to prove myself.”

“Last year was also good, not perfect. This year I started well and I hope to continue like that. I am missing some part of my game and I can improve and get better, but I think it will come for sure.”

On playing under Frank Lampard and their connection:

“Lampard gives me more freedom and I can take the ball and go forward. I feel good. I have a good connection with the coach and all the team. We can change positions. We are aggressive. We are doing well but it is only one month with the coach so we can improve.”

“Last season was also a good connection with the coach. It was also a good year last year. The connection is good [with Lampard]. The fans love him and so do the players. He is young and he understands us. We have a good connection with the coach.”

On Chelsea’s performance this season so far:

“I feel better and more confident than last year. It is really important [that we got the result] because I think we started very well, in terms of playing. The results were not perfect but we played well. Today, we needed the three points more than a beautiful game. We did well and we won. Everything was perfect.”

On Tammy Abraham’s performance:

“I think he knows where he needs to go. As a striker, sometimes he needs to go long and sometimes he needs to come short. So he already knows what to do. I can’t teach him much because I am not a striker or a great goalscorer.”

“I think Tammy is doing well and he will improve this year for sure. It comes naturally. Tammy is a great player with great movements. He is still young and he can improve a lot. I think the whole team is doing quite well in these first games.”

“Of course [I can see it meant a lot]. Every game is important; every goal is important. I think, in particular, it was important that today he scored. He will now be more confident and for sure he will score more goals this season.”

“We have a good connection and I think we can only get better from now on.”