Faustino (Tino) Anjorin is a player who has caught the eye of some Chelsea fans recently, but someone who I’ve been watching very closely over the last year. In fact, we got the opportunity to interview his father, which you can check out here.

Tino is a special player, simple as that, and always has been. In our interview with Sheriff, he mentioned that Anjorin picked up the ball at the age of 3 and a half and was outshining some of the six year olds there. Tino officially joined Chelsea at the age of 9, but was watched in the development centre for two years before signing.

Tino is currently only 17 years old, and has been at Chelsea for basically a decade. Automatically, it makes you think that he would be good enough, as everyone knows how talented the Chelsea academy is, and to get scholarships, not get kicked out, sign contracts, you have to be a special player.

At the age of 16, he was the youngest player in the team to lift the FA Youth Cup, and had a great performance when he was substituted on in the final against Arsenal in the 7-1 victory, scoring the last goal of the game. He’s already worked under Jody Morris and Joe Edwards, who are now both working with the first team under Frank Lampard, so I am extremely confident that Anjorin will get an opportunity sooner or later with the first team.

But, enough of talking about what he has done at his age, let’s talk about his talent that he has and what he can offer the Chelsea team in the future. People like to compare Tino to Loftus-Cheek, but Anjorin has shown more at the age of 17 than Loftus-Cheek had done.

Just like Loftus-Cheek, Tino’s technical ability is actually very underrated. Anjorin is 6’1, and due to his large size, people will call him ‘lanky’ and ‘too big’ in the future when in fact he still holds a very high standard of technical ability. His dribbling is very good, and uses his body and strength very well to protect the ball, whilst gliding past players.

He also makes some great passes during the game, especially when playing the ball behind the defence for the attackers to run on to (through balls). His passes are done with a lot of style and finesse, and is always looking to go forward. Not only does he pass well with his right foot, he also has a strong left foot and uses it to his advantage.


But, the best thing about Tino which I haven’t mentioned yet is GOALS. Tino is a goalscorer and always has been, when moved into midfield after playing at the back for a while. In fact, Jody Morris said that Anjorin was one of the ‘best finishers at the club’. Now although Chelsea have been struggling with finishers over the last couple of years, that’s still an impressive statement.

Tino isn’t afraid to take a shot, and has managed to get three goals in three games already this season, and scored 10 goals with 4 assists last season in 21 appearances. When you’re not playing every week, and with some of those appearances being substitutions, one has to think that the record is a very good one and can only get better. In fact, around 10 months ago I initially thought he was a striker due to how many goals he was getting.

At the age of 17, he dominates the Premier League U18 when he has to play and is too good, hence he plays for the development squad/U23’s, yet still manages to pick up 14 goal contributions in 21 appearances. That actually is a very good record. In 2013/2014, Loftus-Cheek only managed to get three goal contributions in 28 appearances, and Mason Mount got 12 goal contributions in 34 appearances.

Finally, it’s his mentality which will take him to the top, and I seem to be saying that with a lot of younger players nowadays. He seems to be working hard every day behind the scenes, and once he gets that opportunity in the first team, Jody, Joe and Frank are only going to keep on pushing him.

Something else which is worth noticing as well is that he would prefer to stay at the club and try and make it through the system, instead of going on loan, as The Chelsea Echo understood with our interview with Mr. Anjorin. It shows he’s ready to take the opportunity when it comes, and believes he can play first team football without needing any previous game time.

Like I said with my Billy Gilmour review, Anjorin is good enough and just needs to get the opportunity, and he’ll take it. And before anyone says on social media, I’m not ‘overhyping or overrating’ the academy, I’m only basing this of what I have seen with my own eyes.

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