This is the second part of the series ‘Meet the Writers’, and today we have popular twitter account ‘@waldinihoo’.

Q. When did you start supporting Chelsea and why?

I started supporting Chelsea when I was 14. Everyone around me were big fans of football and I stayed a neutral fan for years. Eventually, I decided to stack my loyalty to Chelsea.

Q. Is there any rivalry between football in your family?

My family aren’t big fans of football, but my dad is an occasional supporter of Barcelona. Regardless, he makes sure to tell me any embarrassing moment Chelsea has and downplay our victories…

Q. What’s your first memory of Chelsea

My first memory of Chelsea would be seeing them lose unfairly to Barcelona at the Bridge in 2009. It was the first I had heard of Chelsea and they immediately caught my eye.


Q. During your time as a Chelsea fan, which season do you significantly remember?

The 14-15 season will forever be the one I remember the most. Yes it was my first season as a Chelsea supporter but I remember feeling so good about whatever our team did. It was a great time to catch up on Chelsea legends like Lampard, Drogba, Terry, Cech and of course Jose Mourinho. The respect they received taught me the love in this club.

Q. Which specific match do you significantly remember?

The 2-2 game against Tottenham back in 2016. I’ve watched that Eden Hazard goal so many times and it just doesn’t get old.

Q. Which player has been your favourite and why?

Eden Michael Hazard. I’m fairly sure there have been players that were arguably better than him in our history, but he’s the one I’ve seen the most. His control on the ball is unbelievable.


Q. Which manager has been your favourite and why?

Jose Mourinho. What he was as a manager was truly phenomenal. I still think he’s one of the best around and his work with Chelsea was truly magical.

Q. What has been your worst memory as a Chelsea fan?

My worst memory has to be losing to Bournemouth 4-0 last season. I had so much confidence going into that game and it destroyed me completely.

Q. If you could only watch three Chelsea games ever again for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Munich final 2012, Supercup final 2019, Chelsea against Manchester City at the Etihad in 2016.

Q. Who is your favourite player in the squad at the moment?

Favourite has to be Kepa. I feel he doesn’t get the respect he deserves and is just overall phenomenal.

Q. Which players who have been in a Chelsea shirt has been criminally underrated and overrated in your opinion?

I feel like Andre Schurrle was heavily underrated. For overrated, I would say Morata.


Q. What got you interested in writing about Chelsea and what made you join The Chelsea Echo?

I started my account mainly because none of my friends on my personal handle were interested in football talk. Since then, I decided to take on writing and studying games from a more tactical point of view. I joined the Echo because I felt it was a group of writers who I could fit comfortably into. I also felt writing for a page gave me better focus and therefore better criticism. It also allowed me to learn more about how others went over their work. The Chelsea Echo had all that and more.

There you go, a much simpler and quickfire interview with Waleed, however I’m sure you’ve learnt a lot more about him! Make sure to follow The Chelsea Echo and Waleed on social media to find out the next guest as part of our new series ‘Meet the Writers.’