At the beginning of the season, I’m sure many Chelsea fans had no idea about what to expect. It was Lampard’s first season at Chelsea meaning there was a lack of experience and his appointment can be seen as one of the biggest risks in the Abramovic era with manager appointments.

We are currently under a temporary transfer ban, meaning Chelsea could not invest into international players to improve the squad, something which we haven’t been used to as of recent times. Other teams strengthened in the market, and initially it was not looking good for Chelsea at all.

But, seven games into the Premier League season, and things are certainly not looking too bad at all. We’re seventh in the Premier League table, and only three points away from third. We advanced into the Carabao Cup Fourth Round, while giving many opportunities to the younger players on the way. We’ve got three out of six points in the Champions League Group Stage, and getting onto the knockout stages is looking possible.

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Before this season, my prediction for Chelsea was 4th in the Premier League. Many said 6th, there was even a wildcard guess of 2nd in our predictions, but the reason I went with 4th is similar to last season’s – we can take advantage of other teams around us not performing well.

Seven games into the season, and we are starting to realise where we are at as a club in comparison to our opponents. In my opinion, Top 4 is definetely achievable, as I genuinely think our morale and structure at the club is very high in comparison to Manchester United, Arsenal and Spurs.

In general, one could argue that all three clubs are almost in a ‘crisis’ mode at the moment. All three managers are at risk of being sacked, especially with #OleOut and #EmeryOut trending all over social media during their respective games.

Manchester United just drew to Europa League side AZ Alkmaar, and what was even worse is that the players and coaches seemed reasonably happy with the result afterwards. Have United’s standards dropped that much as of recent times that they’re content with a draw in the Europa league? Well, it seems like so.

Tottenham Hotspur have been beaten in their own backyard 7-2 by Bayern Munich, beaten 3-0 by Brighton today, beaten in the Carabao Cup to Colchester on penalties and losing to Leicester the week before. The fans are not happy with the situation at the club, especially with the lineups being put out and the uncertainty over Eriksen and Pochetinno’s future.

Arsenal have not actually been doing that bad this season, but for the money they have spent over the last three years, it still seems like they are in the ‘transition phase’ when in fact they should be the ones challenging for the title. Arsenal fans are also discontent with the ‘disappearance’ of Mesut Ozil from the lineups and the lack of communication throughout the club.

But, let’s actually get into more detail on where Chelsea can take advantage over these three clubs, and then some of the smaller clubs too.

The problem with Manchester United, in my opinion, was the reactionary appointment of Solskjaer. The Reds had sacked Mourinho last season, and Solskjaer was appointed as interim manager.

Now, one of my strongest beliefs is that if a club is in a terrible run of form, you could bring ANY manager and the results would change, as the club, fans, and players generally prefer a change in the system and a fresh start is appreciated. This is what I believe happened at United.

United had a great start after the new appointment, but the biggest mistake was to let Ole sign the deal after a couple games. They could have easily waited for the end of the season to see how things were going, and whether the club was back on track.

Now, it looks like one or two more bad results could lead to another sacking at Old Trafford, and a waste of a last couple of years. Like other clubs at the moment, United should have used these previous few years to rebuild the club back to where it should be, right at the very top.

Chelsea can really take advantage of this as a lot of the Manchester United fans are claiming that Solskjaer deserves more time as he has a very weak squad, and it looks like whatever decision the board will take, there will be some outrage either way from the fan base, slowing the club down in the whole.

Arguably, United should be in a better situation than us right now, but they definitely are not. Ole keeps on comparing the club to Chelsea and the ‘transition phase’, however the Manchester fans are disappointed to hear these excuses, especially as we had a transfer ban over the Summer compared to their huge signings of Wan-Bissaka and Maguire, and we are still playing the youth while United are still playing the elder players like Mata and Lingard who are out of form.

So, how can Chelsea take advantage of this? Well, United are a top 6 rival and their struggles mean that if we can gain some consistency in the Premier League over our next five fixtures (arguably all five games are very winnable), it would put massive pressure in Manchester and would cement our authority over the Reds for the time being.


With Arsenal, although it sounds vague, it’s ‘same old Arsenal.’ Arsenal are definitely lacking some consistency, and that has always been the case.

Emery doesn’t seem to know his best formation and lineup, and him changing his tactics and ideas every week must be hard for the players, and is probably one of the reasons why they can’t gain some consistency.

Lots of fans want Emery out of the club as it is now, but it certainly does seem like if he doesn’t get top 4 at the end of the season, he will be sacked. This has already risen pressure on the management team in North London, and we all know what happens when Arsenal are under pressure…

So, how can Chelsea take advantage of this? Well, Arsenal will always have ups and downs throughout their season, and the best way to learn from them is to capitalise on their mistakes.

Whenever Arsenal as a club are in a bad mood, the fans certainly attack the manager, the club and the board. But it’s important as Chelsea fans to stay calm and say things in context during the bad times this season, as it will only help the players more to grind out victories.


I think almost every person put Spurs in their top four prediction, but how the tide has turned.

In fact, Spurs’ problems have started from the transfer market. Who’s going to stay? Who’s going to leave?

Eriksen’s future certainly caused some stir around the club, and now the fans are definitely questioning whether his heart is in London right now.

Isn’t it unreal how the Champions League finalists from last year are now struggling heavily in the Premier League? It almost reminds me of when we ACTUALLY won the Champions League, with Di Matteo being sacked only months later…

Spurs fans are certainly starting to feel the pain of not winning a trophy for a long while. And, it certainly was coming.

The squad has been improving year after year, yet they can’t seem to get their hands on a trophy. The signings of Sissoko, Ndombele, having one of the best strikers in the world have lead to much short term happiness instead of long term.

And this is where Pochettino’s future is starting to be questioned. Is he the right man for the job? Has he got a trophy in him? Should they try and get Mourinho? All these questions are just rising tensions throughout the club…

So, how can Chelsea take advantage of this? Well, like the other clubs, while Spurs are in this state of questioning their status as a club, we should look to keep on rising and rising with performances and happiness, and every point which is taken of the big clubs we should look to capitalise with a BIG FAT WIN.

While the others fall and struggle towards the bottom, we should rise and accelerate towards the top.

Written by Paree