Maths. Not everyone’s strong point, and when new rules come into play about the ranking of a team in the Group Stage Table, it certainly has confused many.

After a bit of research and talking to people on Twitter, I think, I have worked out how many points we need from the remianing two games, dependant on other results.

Also, I should add that I am not going to explain why these certain situations are happening due to the new confusing rules, I’m just going to tell you the different possiblities.

Let’s have a look at the table of Group H at the moment.

Annotation 2019-11-25 220419.png

Chelsea, Ajax and Valencia all are on seven points at the moment, with Lille bottom of the group with one point after picking up a late draw against Valencia.

Both Chelsea and Ajax have Lille and Valencia to play, making the group quite an even one at the moment.

But, let’s get straight into most of the situations…

If we win against Valencia, Chelsea are automatically through to the Champions League knockout stages.

If we draw against Valencia, Chelsea have to beat Lille to qualify for the Champions League knockout stages,

If we lose against Valencia, Valencia have to beat Ajax on the final matchday and we have to beat Lille in order to qualify for the Champions League knockout stages (considering Ajax expectedly defeat Lille tomorrow.)

These three situations are all the main ones at the moment. Things could get very interesting after this gameweek, especially if we can’t beat Valencia.

But none of this should matter since we’re winning both of our remaining games, right?


Written by Paree