Chelsea’s 3-1 loss to Everton highlights how pathetic the defending was in some parts of the game. Here’s the tactical analysis on each of the goals conceded and where the boys in black went wrong.

Everton 1-0 Chelsea


If you just look at this screenshot, there are so many things which are wrong.

Theo Walcott makes a darting run inwards behind Kurt Zouma, and Cesar Azpilicueta decides to follow him. This is mistake number one. The fullback has to scream much earlier at Zouma to keep an eye on the winger and follow his run, while Azpilicueta should be keeping an eye on the right hand attack.

Also, as you can see Mason Mount, Mateo Kovacic and N’Golo Kante are all very central and narrow. This is fine, as long as we are playing the 4-2-3-1 formation (which we were). However, this means that when the opposition is on the attack, the wingers have to be very wide and tracking their runners, which is not what Christian Pulisic does.

Pulisic leaves a gaping gap for Sidibe to run into, and eventually put a cross into the box, and with Richarlison’s arial ability this is something which I am sure Frank Lampard would have mentioned before the game.

But, despite making these two mistakes, it can still be recovered if the defenders and midfielders are in the right place.Image

But, they weren’t. First of all, why are Azpilicueta and Zouma standing right next to each other? Even if Azpi did follow Walcott, Zouma should be the one outside trying to stop the cross from coming in. Even if the defenders are in the box, they should at least be marking somone, but as you can clearly see in this screenshot they have left a huge gap behind them.

Although Christensen could have maybe acted a little stronger in attempt to clear the ball, having three men on you at one time is certainly no easy job and no defender in the world could sort out that situation. Arguably, one of Kante or Pulisic should be much tighter to Richarlison especially as Kovacic went out wide to block the cross.

Everton 2-0 Chelsea


There isn’t much analysis to do on the second goal, it is just absolutely dreadful defending.

Christensen has to win the header there, or at least be a bit stronger, and then there’s no goal. In fact, Zouma should be the one heading the ball due to him being a lot more physically able and that’s a lack of communication which needes to be improved.

The ball bounces off Zouma and Dominic Calvert-Lewin millions of times in the box, it somehow ends up on his foot and he tucks it calmly into the bottom corner.

Everton 3-0 Chelsea

Chelsea are 2-0 down, but back into the game due to a Kovacic screamer outside the box. Attacks were coming, we were pushing forward, but the game had been finished due to a lack of concentration from Kepa and Zouma.

Here are my thoughts of the situation involving the pass from Kepa to Zouma and who’s to blame:

We’ve seen so many times this season Kepa fail to distribute the ball well, yet we have still managed to foil out the attack. However, we weren’t able to cover up this mistake this time and it cost us three points.Image

Kante is caught ball watching. He has to realise that Christensen is in a lot of trouble with two attackers on him. Instead of running towards the ball, he has to run towards Tom Davies while the Danish defender marks Calvert-Lewin. Kovacic arguably should have backed off to instead of going closer towards Walcott.

One thing which also must be mentioned is that this goal basically happened straight after Lampard switched into the back three, taking off James for Batshuayi. The players seemed confused and were caught napping.

Check out the highlights and let me know what you think!ELL81RFWwAExXV0.jpg

Frank Lampard’s naviety arguably lost us the game today, and Chelsea must make sure that they learn from this game.


Written by Paree