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Jose Mourinho appointed as spurs manager

Pochettino got sacked by Tottenham and they appointed Jose Mourinho as their manager. Not in a million years we would have thought Jose would be managing Tottenham and it certainly caused a lot of upset within the Chelsea fan base.

Jose’s history at Chelsea

Jose Mourinho had a very successful career as Chelsea manager. When he first joined the club, he made Chelsea win the carling cup and two back to back premier league titles. He was then sacked, but then returned to Chelsea in 2013. He then led the club to another premier league title and a league cup trophy in 2015. The following season the results were very poor and the champions of England were sitting in 16th position in the league, just a point above the relegation zone. After a 2-1 loss to Leicester Jose Mourinho was yet again sacked by the club. This time we were sure he would not return for a third time.

Moving on from Chelsea

Mourinho, after being sacked by Chelsea he took the Manchester United job the following season. Certain Chelsea fans had certainly turned on Mourinho when he took over Manchester United. Some Chelsea fans even booed him when chelsea defeated Manchester United in the FA cup back in 2017. Mourinho has had heated moments with Chelsea in the last couple of seasons as Manchester United boss, and currently there is no love between the fans and Mourinho anymore. Even in his united days, he disrespected the club on several occasions. He called out the team for being too defensive as they United were defeated by Chelsea in the FA cup final back in 2018.

How the Chelsea fans turned on Mourinho ?

After Mourinhos unsuccessful spell at Manchester United, There was still a lot of respect between the fans and their so called “the special one” but it has certainly changed since Jose Mourinho took the Tottenham job. Majority of the Chelsea fans have been furious that Mourinho took the spurs job, reason being that he once said that he was a “Chelsea man” and he also said that he would never manage Tottenham. As Chelsea and Tottenham are huge rivals. And taking the Tottenham job certainly broke any kind of relationship he had with the Chelsea fans. Jose Mourinho said it himself when Frank Lampard joined Manchester City. “When you join a rival club the love story is over”. The love story is certainly over for me and for a lot of Chelsea fans since he took this job. Although he will always still be the main reason why Chelsea have become such a big club in the last couple of years as he put us on the map and made us compete for titles but since he has joined spurs, no love can be showed towards this man. The fans sang his name throughout the 15/16 season and still continued to chant his name after he got sacked and in recent press conferences with Tottenham he has disrespected the fans and that is just disgraceful.

The Master vs The Apprentice

As Spurs host Chelsea on Sunday, Jose Mourinho will come up against Frank Lampard. A player he coached when he was at Chelsea and he turned him into a world class goal scoring midfielder. There was a special connection between Lampard and Mourinho and they both had a lot of love and respect for each other. Lampard said that Mourinho had a huge influence in his career but now it’s time to focus on the rivalry between the two clubs. But the relationship between these two can be changed on Sunday as Lampard takes on Jose Mourinhos Tottenham.