Last April, Callum Hudson-Odoi suffered what could be the worst footballing injury possible, a ruptured Achilles’ tendon, in a home match against Burnley just as the youngster was starting to pick up steam under former manager Maurizio Sarri. To the happiness of almost all Chelsea fans, Callum then returned to first team action in October after a long 6 months of recovery.

Most football fanatics would know that an injury as big as a ruptured Achilles can massively effect a player not only physically, but mentally. In the past, this type of injury has famously effected a 34 year old David Beckham, who due to the injury, sadly missed out on the 2010 World Cup. Luckily for Beckham, he made a full recovery and proceeded to play for another 3 years. Experts say it can take up to 2 years for the player to get back to his full ability after the injury, which isn’t bad news at all considering how young Callum actually is.

After making his return, Chelsea fans have noticed that Callum’s performances haven’t been up to the standard of last seasons, even though Callum has picked up 1 goal and 3 assists in 11 appearances along with showing glimpses of his usual self. Unfortunately, certain Chelsea fans choose to ignore the context of the whole situation and decide to abuse, and largely criticise Callum for his performances which has effected him mentally. According to ‘The Athletic’, Callum is aware of the criticism from Chelsea fans and has asked for reassurance from team-mates. This is extremely sad to hear when considering Callum is still 19, and clearly developing, which is why @ACParee has began the #WeSupportCHO hashtag to reassure Callum that he has our support.

The #WeSupportCHO hashtag is a sign of support towards our starlet, with the aim of letting him know that we’re behind him all the way, through the rough patches of form in his development, and through the great patches of form. With the help and support from fellow Chelsea the hashtag has gained some attraction, but this isn’t enough, our aim is to keep the ball rolling and hopefully reach our end objective, which is to make sure Callum has some reassurance from us fans, and that we’ll be patient throughout his development.

So we ask all Chelsea fans to use this hashtag in support of Callum during a time where his confidence is clearly low and effecting him mentally.