There can only be 3 players you can choose from Chelsea FC when you choose your FPL Squad. After our exciting spree in the transfer market it becomes extremely hard to choose the right combination. I’m sure strategies are being made in your brain and plans are being plotted in your sleep but as we inch closer to the first gameweek deadline of the season I’m giving you a rundown of the best choices you have and how they can be useful to you from the Chelsea FC camp.

To make things easier, I’ve divided the article into 3 parts:

  1. Must-buys
  2. Bargain buys
  3. Differentials

Let’s get to it then.


Must-buys are players that just need to be in your team irrespective of the price because they are more than likely to deliver.

  • Pulisic: Pulisic is a midfielder priced at 8.5m. After having his best individual season in just his first year at Chelsea and deservedly being handed the #10 shirt Pulisic is expected to only get better. He’s also in contention for the first game after recovering from his injury from last season’s FA Cup final.

    Pulisic plays in the wings which means he will have more than enough opportunities to score and assist goals as compared to other midfield choices who stay behind the forward line. His ability to turn any situation into a scoring opportunity will mean you will have another forward in your midfield. A must-buy at all costs Pulisic could even be a Captain contender going into the season.
  • Werner: Timo Werner is a forward priced at 9.5m. Timo proved last season that he is one of the most prolific strikers in Europe and this season he will grace the Premier League in a Chelsea shirt. Werner took only 4 minutes to open his Chelsea FC account in the only pre-season friendly we played against the same opponents we are going to face in game week 1, Brighton.

    Werner can be expected to lead the clinical forward line that Chelsea are expected to have this season. We can easily expect him to be part of many of the goals we score always in the box for the last pass or last touch. If he performs like he did in Europe and for RB Leipzig then there’s no two ways about putting him right at the top of your line-up.
  • Kai Havertz: Kai Havertz is a midfielder priced at 8.5m. Havertz is one of the best young prospects in the world. His ability to read the game puts experienced pros to shame. His speed and awareness in the box is already better than most players in the world. Playing for Chelsea will give him the opportunity to bring his game to the highest level. Going higher than where he is now can make him a serious Ballon D’Or contender in the coming years. Oh, and he’s also available for 8.5m to add to your FPL team. Kai Havertz ability to read a pass and get into spaces will make sure that he is part of the goals most of the time. His versatility would mean you will have a player who can give you goals, assists and bonus points all from midfield. Let’s not forget the fact that he can also play false 9 which will literally give you a cheat code to get forward like points from midfield, which is worth more. Kai Havertz in form is a no-brainer irrespective of which team you support.

Bargain Buys

Bargain buys are the players who are priced at affordable rates but can make a huge impact to your team.

  • Hudson-Odoi: CHO is a midfielder priced at 6.0m. CHO is getting ready to start his first full season at Chelsea FC with no injuries. If you’ve followed the Chelsea academy even a little bit in the last 5-6 years you will know that Callum is considered by many to be the best player to have ever come out of what is considered arguably the best academy in the world. People in the academy believe his ceiling is higher than BVB’s Sancho. Hudson-Odoi is expected to have a breakthrough season of sorts and show his true potential for Chelsea this season. He definitely has the potential to stand out from the competition and have a wonderful season at Chelsea. If things go as expected at 6.0m he will be a steal as he can deliver goals and assists all from midfield for an extremely low price. Here’s your chance to really put your trust in the youth.
  • Ziyech: Hakim Ziyech is a midfielder priced at 8.0m. That sounds high but he has the ability to give you your money’s worth way better than other players priced the same or higher. To put it into perspective, Arsenal winger Willian is priced the same as the Wizard of Amsterdam. Ziyech is presently out for the first few weeks due to injury. But, when he is back Ziyech can be the game changer in your team. His beautiful pass to CHO lead to the goal against Brighton in the friendly. Ziyech can change the game with one pass or even one shot. He is going to be a nightmare for defenders and people who ignore him in their FPL teams. Ziyech can be expected to contribute to goals and with an exciting forward line-up waiting to collect these passes, he can expect to rake up those assists. And if you have any doubts on his shooting ability, check out the goal he scored against us in the Champions League last season.
  • Reece James: Recce James is a defender priced at 5.0m. Remember I said CHO is considered the best player to come out of our academy, well the year he graduated, Reece James won Academy Player of the Year. Reece James is a very exciting prospect and is expected to make the right-back position his own this season. With Werner and Havertz in the box, Reece’s almighty crosses can be expected to be finished off in style more often than not. He’s no stranger to scoring the odd goal and can operate with finesse in an attacking transition. We have seen how impactful TAA has been for FPL teams the last few seasons. We can easily expect similar outputs from James if he does actually perform to his fullest potential. All of that potential for a minimal price of 5.0m.
  • Ben Chilwell: Ben Chilwell is a defender priced at 5.5m. Chilwell was a sought after defender in the first part of last season. This was partly due to his ability to provide the odd goal contribution and regular clean sheets. FPL managers are gonna wait and watch with Chelsea’s defence as they might not be completely convinced of our goalkeeper situation. But, Chilwell can play a part in securing more clean sheets and can give you goal contributions from time to time. He might not be able to match Alonso in his forward contributions but he does offer better stability at the back and still possess the ability for good forward thrusts when required. At 5.5m he can open up finances for other positions.


Differentials are the players that are usually on the cheaper side and can be the difference between a good points score and a great points score. With the top players expected to feature in most teams, differentials will help separate your side from the rest with a wildcard of sorts who can perform when required and add that extra stability to your team.

  • Billy Gilmour: Billy Gilmour is a midfielder priced at 4.5m. Billy is not expected to feature till early mid-November but when he is fit and ready we could have an exciting option in our hands. Billy showed us last season that he can control games with ease and calm even against top teams. Billy could easily fight his way into the team with the heavy fixture list and Kante’s injury fears. When he does feature he can make heavy contributions in terms of bonus points and some assists. Not many people are aware about what he’s capable of, but, he can be the difference that propels your team to the top in your mini-leagues. Keep your eye on him and he could even fit in as a very useful substitute.
  • Kante: Kante is a midfielder priced at 5.0m. Kante was riddled with injuries last season but is now ready to control the game again. Under Lampard, Kante has been given more freedom to move forward and impact the attack. Kante had 6 shots on target with 3 goals in the 20 games he played for us last season. Kante is usually ignored in FPL teams because of his defensive position but with his new role he can make a better impact. He played very less season but still averaged 2.85 points per game which is not bad at all considering his position and lack of game time. I cannot assure heavy returns with Kante but he can be the player that can be a good choice for a substitute that can offer good returns or for your line-up if you’re investing into two premium midfielders.
  • Kepa: Kepa is a goalkeeper priced at 5.0m. Hear me out, hear me out. I know you think I’m crazy. The footballing world has lost faith in Kepa and fantasy players are less patient than billion dollar teams with 7-year contract goalkeepers. But, those are the very reasons why you should consider him as a differential. He’s priced at 5.0m which is a steal in a position that fantasy players do not pay much attention to. Chelsea have invested heavily on defence and if the defence can improve drastically and put up good performances, we will start seeing more clean sheets. Kepa has to pick up his game. We can see with Liverpool and City how the fact that they have a good defence has helped Ederson and Alisson pick up many clean sheets with very little or no effort. So, if Kepa can pick up his game just a little bit and our defence plays the part it is expected to play, we can see Kepa pick multiple clean sheet points with not a lot of effort.

    His price will mean you have more money to invest elsewhere and strengthen your team. It cannot be denied that Allison and Ederson have contributed heavily to the team too and if Kepa can replicate it’ll be perfect but I think with a good defence we can see a good number of clean sheets at least enough to make sure you have a reliable 5 points often. We have seen Kepa at his prime and we know he is capable of more, so if he improves back to his best then we can have a must-buy too. Due to the rest of FPL ignoring him, he can be your differential if the defence rises up to the occasion often.

This is your Chelsea FC guide to FPL 2020/21. As the way fantasy football works, I can be wrong about all of this and things might turn out very different. I bet you have your own strategies and ideas on how the season will go. You might also completely disagree with me,  but the only way to prove me wrong is to join The Chelsea Echo FPL League and destroy me week after week. Code: ruob30. See you on the inside and all the best for this season!