Safe to say – of all the summer signings made, capturing a left-back is our best success. The club had eager to improve the position since the days of placing repetitive darting bids for Juventus’ Alex Sandro. One could also say since when Ashley Cole left the club.

The capture of Ben Chilwell heals the broken position. The excitement of watching a high profile figure bossing up and down the left wing is now a reality. However, what are the strengths of our new messiah?

Ben Chilwell has something we will all love to see. A dazzling speed. Gone are the days we are forced to bear the lumbering snail-like Marcos Alonso. Chilwell can always beat his man in a 1v1 situation with his frightening deft dash. His brisk and hectic pace is above normality. This is one of the things to look out for.

Crossing is another big strength of him. Apparently one of the requirements of a modern fullback is the ability to powerfully whip the ball from wide areas into the scoring zones. Likewise, it is the best chance creation tool in football. Ben has that, he attempted 90 crosses for Leicester last season in the Premier League.

Another distinctive Ben Chilwell strength worth mentioning is his ability to advance play. He is a good passer of the ball while also an acceptably brilliant dribbler. These are qualities needed for ball progression in the final third most especially when breaking a low block.

What does he bring to Chelsea?

Versatility: Chilwell can be used as a left-sided centre back in a back three formation. He mostly plays as a traditional left-back. While he can also be deployed as a wing-back in a 3-4-3 – in my opinion, a position that suits his strength most. This means Frank Lampard has a versatile player on his books. Such players can always complement in-game tactical changes.

Premier League Experience: At just 23 years of age, he has already made 11 England National team caps while also making 99 Premier League appearances. It means we have a player who has a rich understanding of the nature of the league – something that is fundamental in building successes.

More Goalscoring Chances: With his crossing, passing, dribbling and speed – Ben will prove to be an ‘extra attacker’. The reality of having two frightening fullbacks (with Reece James at the right) means opposition now have a lot to think of while defending. He will be another source of goalscoring creativity.

Ben Chilwell at Chelsea can only mean success. With injury-free, we can see him develop into a world-class left back. The excitement is blooming over every new signing but the most exciting metro to board presently is the Chilly-B train.

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