With Chelsea making the new Goalkeeping acquisition of Edouard Mendy from Rennes, I will be looking into his attributes and analysing how he will improve this Chelsea squad and what he can offer.

The 28 year old Senegalese international measures in at 196 cm which is just over 6,5 in ft. He is a keeper with a big frame who is known for his ability to command his area.

In the 19/20 season, Edouard Mendy clocked up a total of 2,945 minutes and played a total of 33 games across all competitions. In these appearances Mendy conceded a total of 31 goals and kept 13 clean sheets.

If we compare these statistics to those of Kepa who clocked a total of 3,720 minutes which was 41 games across all competition’s. In these appearances he conceded 58 goals and only kept 10 clean sheets. Another comparison to be made here is the height differential as Kepa Arrizabalaga stands at 1,86m which is 6,1 ft. This is quite a significant height difference especially in the GK position.

Moving away from statistical comparison for a moment. When looking at these two goalkeepers they are very different in style. Kepa Arrizabalaga is 25-years-old and is therefore younger and has less experience. Kepa is also smaller as earlier stated and relies a lot on his reflexes at close range. However, Edouard Mendy has a few years more experience (28-years-old) and has a much bigger frame. Due to his extra height he is able to command his area from set pieces by catching the ball on deliveries much like Thibaut Courtois was able to do in his time at Chelsea.

Edouard Mendy has had a very up and down career. His senior career started at Cherbourg in 2011 where he made 26 appearances between 2011-2014. After this Edouard Mendy played for various teams such as Marseille B team and Reims (Both first team and B team). Then in the 2019-20 season, Mendy made a name for himself playing for the Rennes first team.

I will not go over his statistics for the 19/20 season again as I have already mentioned this earlier in the review. However, as you can see from his past clubs and senior career it hasn’t been an easy career for the 28-year-old. One thing we can expect from Mendy is that he will be determined to continue his rich vain of form from Rennes over to the Blues.

The extra confidence to command his area and use his height and power to collect the ball from set pieces will install a new found belief in the defence. On top of this, Edouard Mendy has also shown his shot stopping ability making some excellent saves which required quick reactions and great anticipation.


I believe the signing of Edouard Mendy for a fee reported to be around the £22 million mark will prove to be worth every penny for Chelsea this season. One last point I want to touch on is the fact that Petr Cech personally suggested this player for Chelsea (stated by Lampard) which will only be a positive for the confidence of Mendy to have this recommendation from Chelseas best ever Goalkeeper. If one of the greatest Premier League goalkeepers can be like a mentor for the new signing, Mendy and Chelsea will have a greater relationship for the forthcoming season.