Football is a cruel game they say, but shouldn’t there be limits? Everyone is a tactician after the match but not before. We have questions to answer.

It’s like we don’t know our expectations before games. We don’t know the role each player in our lineup will play. We don’t know the quality of the opposing team. So it’s always a guess and hope game for us; ‘let the match start and see how they play.’ Or set an objective for the manager to win every match – that’s more ridiculous.

Why are we so flexible with opinions after every bad result? Why does our objective change so quickly like climate? It’s natural to have a different feeling after just watching an action but you shouldn’t make your verdict off it; you should have a base knowledge of the situation.

Why is #LampardOut all of a sudden? Why should a player leave the club after a bad outing despite having good performances in the previous weeks? It’s okay to be disappointed, but such disappointment should remain a mood. Remember who the player was and what currently goes on around him. Unfortunately, we forget these things. This conceding sense is daunting and damaging to our image as supporters.

Why is it Mount’s fault for starting ahead of Hudson-Odoi? The idea of directing abuse to another player because of one, I will never get. Why is it Jorginho’s fault for Kante being played out of position? Firstly, blaming the manager for such cause is partly wrong; as you don’t have the full scheme of his system. Now blaming a counter teammate? That’s out of order!

The Chelsea FC brand aims to offer fans success, style, passion and loyalty. Loyalty as the reference word here, to the current players, to the staffs, to the legends. So where did we hide that loyalty? If the club represents a value and we supporters don’t, we surely don’t know whom we’re supporting.

If you’re Chelsea, you are Lampard. If you cheer Chelsea, you should cheer Lampard. The greatest player of the club history in hitting the target. Taking his legendary status from his assessment will go against the values Chelsea Fc/Football promotes.

Fans have their rights. We are allowed to have our opinion as every human is. We are allowed to disagree with things. We are allowed to protest but no to cross the line. Frankly, everyone knows the boundary.

The division among us as a result of a preference for one player to another – shouldn’t exist. Back everyone wearing the shirt. If this fan base doesn’t trust Frank Lampard with decisions, WHO are we ever going to trust?