The issues at fullback

When Maurizio Sarri arrived at Chelsea many were looking forward to seeing his attractive style of football that won him so many plaudits at Napoli. As can be guessed by the current mood amongst the Chelsea fanbase this football hasn't yet been implemented to the effect we desired. In this article I am going to [...]


Victor Moses tribute

Now Victor Moses is someone who often split opinion at Chelsea but there is no doubt he played his part in a couple of successful campaigns for Chelsea and will leave with the reputation as someone who always gave his all on the field. Now Moses has not officially left Chelsea but a week before [...]


It was a routine victory for Chelsea yesterday who followed up on their penalty shoot-out victory over Spurs by defeating Sheffield Wednesday 3-0 in the FA Cup 4th round. It was a game that involved VAR controversy, a Gonzalo Higuain debut and some Willian brilliance. However, the main headline will definitely be the interview of [...]